Our Support Services

Glenray offers a range of disability services in the Central West.


Glenray’s supported accommodation program offers individual support to adults and young people living with disability, in a diverse range of housing options, such as a house, unit or group home which meets the resident’s needs.

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Glenray resident & support worker


Glenray offers short term flexible respite when you need it. We can offer in-home respite, recreational respite or at our dedicated respite facility in the heart of Bathurst. Continue reading “Respite”


Glenray 2019-02-13 (82 of 176)School Leavers Employment Support Services (SLES)

This program assists school leavers with disability to develop skills to move into supported or open employment.

Glenray can help the school leaver develop an employment plan, and co-ordinate vocational education. It is a time-limited 2 year program to support and improve employment outcomes for school leavers.

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Support Coordination and Plan Management

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Glenray have dedicated individuals with expertise to help connect you with a number of services or links to community organisations to help you meet your goals. Our Support Coordinators will assist in maintaining your existing services and link in with new services. These dedicated individuals are in place to ensure you are able to access health, education and other services available to all members of the community.

They will support you to build your skills and confidence so you can take over as much of this role yourself. Our Support Coordinators love to build independence, assist with the budget outlay of your NDIS plan ensuring you are able to maximise the value for money from your supports.


Glenray provides support with Plan Management. This is to undertake financial administration to manage and monitor your NDIS budget over the course of your plan. Plan Management ensures that claims are made to pay your respective providers for the services they have delivered to you. Plan Management allows you to have greater choice and control by using non registered providers for services you may require. Our Plan Managers can provide support with understanding your plan and what you might be able to access.

Individual Support

Glenray have the staff with the expertise to help you connect with a number of services or community organisations to help you meet your goals. They will assist to support you maintain your existing relationships and develop new ones and to make sure you are able to access health, education and other services available to all members of the community.