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Glenray Supports Your Ability

Glenray is an approved NDIS provider that is a not for profit organisation that focuses on 

  • Residential and Vocational services
  • Short Term Accommodation (Respite) 
  • Individual Community Support
  • Learning and Lifestyle Day Programs 
  • NDIS Support Coordination + Plan Management 
  • Supported Employment

We offer employment to over 250 staff across the range of our services, including a number of supported employees with a disability. 

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Live, Learn, Work, Achieve with Glenray

Glenray has been supporting people living with a disability in the Central West for over 60 years!

Our VISION is that all people living with a disability have the opportunity to develop to their full individual potential.


We offer a range of services where those with a disability can LIVE with us, including Supported Accommodation + Short Term Flexible care (Respite)


Providing the best care at our unique Lifestyle and Learning Day Programs for each participant where they can LEARN and have better capacity building skills.


Are you Interested in working with Glenray? We would love the opportunity to discuss with you options to WORK within our company.


Our vision is that all people with a disability have the opportunity to ACHIEVE and develop their individual potential.

Think we can help you?

At Glenray, we have dedicated individuals with expertise knowledge to help connect you with a number of services we offer to help you meet your goals. We would love to hear from you!